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Remington Tactical Shotgun Operators Course

Course Objectives
The Remington Precision Rifleman I Course is designed to teach approved applicants those skills necessary to achieve 1 minute of angle (1 MOA) accuracy out the maximum effective ranges of their precision rifles. This will be accomplished by providing the student with a five-day comprehensive course combining classroom lecture, demonstration and practical application of instructed skill sets. The course is focused on mastering the basics of long range marksmanship with precision weapons systems. Advanced techniques will be presented to prepare shooters to make accurate long range shots under sporting or competitive conditions. This course will encompass those skill sets every long range precision shooter should not only be familiar with but possess demonstrable mastery of. Modern, relevant techniques and procedures that promote success under stressful sporting / competitive situations calling for precise shot placements at extreme distances are the focused learning objectives of this specialized course. This training concentrates on student learning and performance in a professional setting. All participants, regardless of skill level will benefit from this intensive comprehensive package. Sustainment and enhancements to existing perishable skills being paramount to all long range riflemen.

Students who successfully pass the Remington Precision Rifleman I Course will receive a certificate of completion. This is a pass or fail course.

During the Course, Remington instructors will present the following subjects:
Weapons Safety
Fundamentals of Precision Marksmanship
Care & Cleaning / Break in Procedures
Interior, Exterior & Terminal Ballistics
Data Book Recording & Maintenance
Equipment Selection
Data Collection out to 1000yds
Shooting Positions, Rests, Slings & Aids
Fitting the Rifle
Loading, Reloading & Unloading
Mounts, Rings, Scopes & Reticles
Effects of the Weather
Cold Bore Theory & Annotation
Wind Reading Techniques
Limited Exposure Techniques
Leads for Moving Targets
Char. Nomen &Functioning
Stoppages & Malfunctions
Scope Theory & Adjustment
Precision Ammo & Rifle Combos
Zeroing Procedures
Rifleman / Observer Dialogue
Shooting with Elevated Heart Rates
Moving Target Engagements
Course Prerequisites/Requirements
Open to Participants who comply with enrollment criteria.

Level of Experience: Completion of Tier 1 Group Basic Shotgun & Pistol Course or Military, Law
  Enforcement equivalent (Course Completion Document Required)

Identification: 2 valid forms of State or Federal Picture Identification.

Firearms: Pump-action or semi-auto shotgun with a minimum of 5 rounds capacity and a semi-automatic
  pistol with a minimum of three high-capacity magazines.

Ammunition: 200 rounds of # 7 or 8 Birdshot, 25 rounds Buckshot, 25 rounds slug & 100 pistol rounds of

Gear List: Click Here for Current Gear List
Course Length: 2-day course

Course Cost: $475.00

Ammunition Cost: Call T1G at (910) 577-0321 for Prices

Firearms Rentals: $15.00 per firearm

Class Size: 10-20 Students

Course Dates:  Click Here to View Current Course Dates

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This service is provided by High Caliber Training


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