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  Model 870
   � 870P MAX
   � Standard
   � Modular Combat System
   � Police Breacher System
   � Synthetic
  Model 11-87
The 100% American-made Model 870 has evolved to keep pace with the rapidly changing needs of law enforcement.

Choose from wood or synthetic stocks. Blued or parkerized finishes. Magazine extensions for added firepower and quick-change barrels. Choice of bead, rifle, or ghost ring sights. To simplify field maintenance, all parts and assemblies are interchangeable, gun to gun. The trigger plate assembly is quickly and easily removed for inspection and cleaning. Double action bars deliver the smoothest, surest operation in the business. The breech bolt locks into the heat-treated barrel extension forming a rock solid assembly with constant head space.

The Model 870 leads the field in safety and performance features. A uniquely designed action with balanced sear - plus inertia firing pin - prevents discharge unless the action is completely closed and the trigger is squeezed and released after each slot. The large, side-ejection port stays unobstructed when shooting over walls, car hoods, and other barriers; the blaze orange magazine follower also permits quick, safe inspection of the chamber and magazine. This positive, cross-bolt safety is conveniently located near the trigger for fast operation, even while wearing gloves.

A recoil pad on the wood and synthetic stock models permit greater control by eliminating slippage while firing. The grooved, steel-lined fore-end provides a better grip, and sling swivel studs are standard on all 870s.

It's no wonder the Model 870 continues to be the shotgun of choice.



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