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When the lives of innocent people and fellow officers depend on your marksmanship, you cannot afford anything less than the pinpoint accuracy and dependability of a Remingtonģ bolt-action centerfire rifle and our special match-grade ammunition.

The heart of Remingtonís law enforcement rifles is the legendary Model 700 action. This is the same action that is at the core of the advanced M-24 Sniper Weapon System we built for the U.S. Army. Itís also what makes our hand built Model 40-XB ô and 40-XS rifles so accurate and rock-solid dependable.

The foundation of the 700 action is its unique bolt design. The bolt face, barrel, and receiver surround and support the cartridge head with three overlapping rings of solid steel. The Model 700 receiver is machined from a solid block of ordnance-grade steel, then drilled and tapped for scope mounts. All our standard Model 700 Police rifles have heavy, free-floating 20" and 26" barrels are crowned at the muzzle for unparalleled accuracy and stability.

The Model 700P LTR features a fluted 20" barrel and is 1 1/2 lbs. lighter than the standard 26" version. In the .223 Remington chambering, twist has been changed from 1 in 12" to 1 in 9" in order to maximize the ballistic stability of heavier bullets. Model 700Pís chambered for .223 Remington have five-shot capacities. All Model 700P and 700 LTRís are equipped with hinged floor plates. Also chambered in .300 Remington Short Action Ultra Mag.

Our line of law enforcement centerfire rifles is rounded out by the exceptional Model 40-XB and 40-XS rifles. Arguably the most accurate bolt action rifle available today, itís completely hand-crafted and made to order in the Remington Custom Shop.


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