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  Model 700
  Model 40-X
      40-XB Tactical
  M24 SWS
In 1959, Remington redefined the way the world viewed precision accuracy with the introduction of the Model 40-XB Rangemaster bolt-action target rifle. Serving as the basic action design from which today's legendary Remington Model 700 Bolt-Action rifle was born, the Model 40-X has always been there when pinpoint accuracy matters most.

Our line of law enforcement centerfire rifles is rounded out by the exceptional Model 40-XB Tactical and the Model 40-XS. Arguably the most accurate bolt action rifle available today, it's completely handcrafted and made to order in the Remington Custom Shop.

Both models feature a glass-bedded action with a free-floating stainless steel barrel. A thermoset epoxy finish on the receiver and barrel (as on the M-24 rifle) is also available.


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